New Image Features

  • Images can now be emailed.
  • Maps and Plats are rotated automatically to print the largest image possible.

New Search Features (Visual)

  • Grid lines have been added for ease of reading instruments.
  • More separation has been added between instruments.
  • The name being searched is displayed in bold.
  • These other party name column has been dimmed slightly to not be confused with the name being searched.
  • Cross Date column has been added to show the date of the last cross reference.
  • The address the instrument was returned is part of the detail section.
  • Notations are shown by default.
  • Right Click context menus on each grid to provide ease of access to many common features.
  • Right Click to select or deselect criteria.
  • Ability to hide the description column.
  • Theme feature is not new but is under used.  If you want to change the color of your applications select the View tab and pick a theme.

New Search Features (Functional)

  • Search Results can be Exported to PDF.
  • Exported Search Results now show ALL search criteria used to perform the search.
  • Search Results now fit with width of the to the page size.
  • Exported Results have a new file name that helps you locate them with ease.
  • The opposing party has been added to the grid. (i.e. GRANTOR shows the GRANTEE in the grid as well)
  • Multi line legal descriptions can be viewed and copied.
  • Unlimited multi name search with run set of results. (Without the use of the Table of Contents).
  • Ability to Right Click a name and search that name or add that name results to existing results.
  • Ability to save unlimited number of search criteria(s) and name them to be used later for other searches.
  • The search application saves all settings automatically.
  • The size, location and visibility of the detail panel is saved between sessions.
  • The size, location and visibility of the search criteria panel is saved between sessions.
  • The size, location and visibility of the advance search panel is saved between sessions.
  • Toolbar checked items are saved between sessions.
  • Visibility of every panel is saved between sessions.
  • Grid column order is saved FOREVER between sessions.
  • Panels have a small blue arrow in the middle of them that allows them to be collapsed. You are no longer required to select a different tab to make changes to the selection criteria.
  • Keyboard Support has been added for the search site.  The up and down arrows on the keyboard will take you to the next and previous instrument.
  • Reset View button has been added to the View tab.  This button allows you to restore all settings back to their default.

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