Thank you for visiting Compiled Technologies. There comes a time when every business needs to listen to their customers and address their "wants" and needs. Companies have a responsibility to provide their customers with the best possible service. Too many times companies put profits and their own personal agendas above their customers. This is the exact reason Compiled Technologies was created!

Developing software is our lifes passion. Our products are developed with a cutting edge design like no other in the industry. We have "Compiled" the best technology to give you an incredible user experience. We have "Compiled" some of the best individuals in the industry to ensure you get the very best support possible. Your satifaction with our products and services is of the utmost importance to us as a company.

We will be adding products on a regular basis please check back and let us know what you think. Do you have an idea for a product that you would like for us to design? Please do not hesitate in contacting us using our contact form!

We want to personally thank all of our customers for believing in us. This simple thank you does not begin to express our gratitude for your support. Without you and your loyalty none of this would be possible.


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Document Management

We are a technology company that offers highly economical, yet efficient integrated services to customers that are looking for a reliable IT partner to ensure their systems are in place for leveraging maximum productivity by utilizing our services. Our proven track record demonstrates why we are leading software vendor. Our thought process is based on building innovative tools and technology that provide our customers with a very simple intuitive user experience.

Compiled Technologies creates innovative software tools that are meant to minimize laborious and manual tasks with complete security and automation. Our document management (Doc IDX) system is an enhanced tool that offers more than conventional management systems by providing a new dimension to the way documents are stored and managed.

Our robust application is highly scalable and can be used by small to medium enterprises that have redundant flow of data on a day to day basis. Highly optimized for multiple platforms, it is suitable for a series of activities not limiting to Collection, Re-Indexing, Redaction, Conversions and Data Imaging.

If you are in need of a custom software developed, suited specifically to the way you need it to operate, don't hesitate to get in touch with one of our experts. We build software tools that are highly customizable in a fast paced environment.

If you would like to learn more about our data management software , get in touch with us using our contact page and we will arrange a call or demonstration.


Estate Management

We are consistently updating our software to reflect changes to our ever evolving State Code.

Our estate management software provides our customers with the simplest and most user friendly solution available today.

If you would like to learn more about our estate management software , get in touch with us using our contact page and we will arrange a call or demonstration.


Tax Collection

Our team of seasoned software professionals build dynamic applications that are suited for a wide range of industries and service sector who are looking to organize, streamline and make their processes efficient. If you have a hard time maintaining your tax records or have a collection department that is struggling to keep track of the unpaid tax bills, our tax collection software is going to come to your rescue. It contains powerful features and a great user interface design making it easier for the admin to easily input, organize and keep track of various tax records in a systematic manner and all of the information is easily retrievable and can be sorted based on your preference.

It is also extremely resourceful for old-school thought oriented companies that haven't looked up to using technology to their advantage. Our tax collection services are spread county wide and we also offer suitable hardware to keep the machines robust, fast and efficient. If you are looking for a one stop IT partner to collaborate with, choose Compiled Technologies and be assured of receiving outstanding service, ably supported with top software products that are meant to take your business to the next level.

If you would like to order one of our tax collect software products, but need to make modifications to it, we offer customization services as well and would be keen to know and understand your core business requirement and re-brand our software to suit your company needs. We welcome queries regarding any business opportunities you may present and our support team will offer diligent and unparallel support.



Compiled Technologies, as the name suggests, offers a wide spectrum of software products and tools that are built on highly robust and powerful framework to provide a great value for the end consumers. We also offer equally competent hardware that supports all our software products, tools and ensures business continuity and upscale performance for your day to day business transactions and other related activities. We have decade long experience in coming up with intelligent products that address core customer requirements , yet they are non modular making it easier for non technical professionals to use them with ease.

We sell high-end hardware that can protect your company's data and provide optimal performance of your applications.
We cover a wide range of sectors not limited to finance, real state, security and offer enriched software and hardware tools and products that are not only economical, but scalable in the long run. Our after-sales support is in place and we highly value our customer relationship to ensure they get the maximum leverage by using our services and products.

Our mission is to research, analyze core market requirements and be early entrants by designing and developing the right software and products which can be catered to end consumers, be it entrepreneurs or large to medium enterprises that appreciate 'smart' software services and tools which keep their businesses growing all the time.

If you check our services section and are finding something missing, kindly don't hesitate to get in touch using our support area and we will evaluate your requirements and will determine if there's a possibility that can allow us to serve your business needs to your utmost satisfaction.



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